In the United States, approximately three homes per minute get burglarized. Burglary is the act of entering a home without the permission of the homeowner with the intent to commit a crime. Many homeowners do not realize how often these crimes occur and how certain habits make their residences attractive to delinquents. Learn what burglars look for when targeting a home: 

What Makes a Home Attractive to Burglars

Open Curtains 

Yes, natural light is wonderful, but you shouldn’t leave your curtains open for extended periods of time. It’s an invitation for burglars to come in and take a peek at what you have inside. If burglars can see your shiny new television, they’re going to plan a heist. Do not advertise any of your valuables by leaving them in full view of your neighborhood. 

Visible Trash

What, burglars love trash? Well, sort of. You see, your trash gives burglars data about the type of things you buy. Boxes for game consoles left on the curb are one the main things burglars look out for. When you purchase electronics, break down the boxes and fold them inside out to hide logos. Instead of placing them on the curb, always make sure they are in a secure recycling bin. 

Unmowed Lawn 

When you go away on vacation, your yard becomes a shambles. That might not seem like a big deal. After all, it’s easy to take care of when you return. However, burglars look for signs that you’re not home. An unmowed lawn is a signal that your house is empty. 

Hidden Entry Points

A burglar’s goal is to get in and out of a home as quickly as possible without being seen. If you have hidden entry points such as backdoors and windows blocked by shrubbery, burglars will try to take advantage of that. The more concealed entrances are, the more tempting they are to criminals. 

A burglar pries open a window, making the neighbors wonder what burglars look for when targeting a home.

Full Mailboxes

Once again, this is a signal that you’re not home. It’s better to have someone you trust collect your mail while you’re gone. If not, the accumulation of mail in your mailbox will draw criminals toward your residence. 

Open Windows

Ah, there’s nothing better than fresh air—except for not getting burgled. While we understand how tempting it is to let nature cool your home for you during the warmer months, even opening the window a little bit makes your home more attractive to burglars. The easier you make breaking in, the more likely you’ll end up a victim. Always close all of your windows and lock your doors before leaving your home.

Window A/C Units

Window A/C units are the best friend of those living in small spaces like apartments. Sadly, though, it’s easy for burglars to remove your A/C unit and enter through the window. If you can, avoid this indoor cooling option. 

Pet Doors

Most people, when they think about burglars, conjure up images of tall, muscular criminals. However, burglars come in all shapes and sizes. Your pet’s door can admit a small-framed criminal into your home. It’s important to secure this entry point while you’re gone. 

Overgrowth in Yard

Your out-of-control honeysuckle plant looks and smells sweet, but it could also serve as a hiding place for a burglar. Large, unmaintained patches of greenery conceal entry points and provide shelter to would-be criminals. It’s important to trim back bushes, trees, and other plants to make your home less inviting to criminals. 

Secure Your Home Against Burglars! 

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