Residential Locksmith

The safety and security of your home should never be compromised. Protecting your loved ones and pets should be one of your top priorities. With a burglary every 13 seconds, you can easily be caught off guard by the unexpected. Your home’s security is only as good as the lock on the front door. Without an effective lock, you could become the next victim of a robbery or burglary.

United Locksmith recognizes the dangers for residents. We are dedicated to providing higher levels of security for all homeowners. By improving the locks on your front door, you are increasing the safety and security of your loved ones. A majority of locks in the world are known as pin tumbler locks. Unfortunately, these types of locks are easily manipulated with malicious techniques.

In order to protect your family and property, you need to upgrade to high-security locks. The team at United Locksmith can help you upgrade with ease because of our many years as residential locksmiths. Our team can analyze your property for any potential security holes. From there, we can provide solutions to fill those holes in the best way possible.

Upgrading to Smart Locks

The best high-security door locks out there are smart locks. Smart locks are capable of being unlocked in a way that does not require a key. Many of these locks use phone apps and WiFi connectivity while others have adopted the keypad feature. In some cases, smart locks may have both or include a different type of feature altogether. Regardless, these locks are built extremely well. 

Unlike pin tumbler locks, smart locks cannot be picked or bumped. Instead, they require a keypad or an internet connection to unlock. Many smart locks offer special features too. For example, some locks feature a camera or a two-way microphone. These traits are great for property owners renting out to tenets or Airbnb guests. As an owner, you can unlock the door and give the tenet information regarding the property. In conclusion, you can expect more convenience and greater security with smart locks.

Emergency Residential Locksmith

United Locksmith is here for you more than just installing new locks. Our technicians are also available 24/7 for emergency lockout services. Whenever you lose your keys or have locked them within your home, give us a call. Our technicians are skilled and friendly. They get you back inside your home without damaging your property. And for those who have lost their keys, we recommend you have your locks rekeyed. 

Rekeying is a cheaper, yet safe alternative to replacing your locks. Instead of changing the entire lock, we can change the cylinder so the old key no longer works. That way if someone did steal it, they wouldn’t be able to use it against you.

So, when you need an emergency locksmith service, contact United Locksmith. Our technicians have years of experience in the field. They can get you back into your home, replace your lost or stolen key, and replace the locks within your home. By calling us, you are getting the service you need and increasing the security of your home. Give us a call today!