Is your business in need of commercial locksmith services? Secure and well-functioning entrances and exits are important for a safe workplace. Without proper maintenance, your locks and security systems become vulnerable. Thankfully, a commercial locksmith can work alongside you to ensure your business runs safely and smoothly. 

Types of Commercial Locksmith Services

Wondering what commercial locksmiths do? These are some services they provide: 

New Lock Installation

Sometimes locks break or fail without warning. Other times, they get old and outdated. Either way, a commercial locksmith will help with new lock installation for businesses, whether it’s for routine maintenance or an emergency repair. 

Lock and Key Maintenance

While the possibility of a lock breaking suddenly can happen, commercial locksmiths reduce the chances of it happening through maintenance. Periodically, commercial locksmiths visit businesses, checking for weaknesses in locks and keys. This significantly lowers the chances of an emergency. 

Service for Digital Locks 

Like standard locks, digital locks need routine maintenance. Commercial locksmiths prevent electronic malfunctions by servicing digital locks often. When digital locks function at peak capacity every day, business owners are free to worry about their daily tasks instead of safety and security breaches. 

Security Upgrades

Innovations occur in the business world constantly. Things are always changing and improving, such as security systems and locks. As technologies and products advance, commercial locksmiths let their clients know so their businesses always have updated systems and products. 

Emergency Lockout Services

Emergency lockouts may happen to even the best, most careful workers. In those situations, the best option is to call a commercial locksmith immediately. Breaking a window to gain entrance adds extra damages and costs to the problem, while closing up for the day results in lost profits.

Another common lockout problem occurs with file cabinets. Sometimes a file cabinet’s lock gets jammed, or someone loses the key. That means important documents essential to everyday tasks become inaccessible. Commercial locksmiths can come repair or open the file cabinet so you don’t have to break it further. 

Safe Installation, Repair, and Opening

Commercial locksmiths sometimes specialize in safes. They can install safes for your business, repair broken locks, create new keys, and even break into them if a combination gets lost or hardware malfunctions. Ever thought you would pay someone to break into your safe? 

Costs of Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services cost between $75 and $800, depending on the type of service rendered. The costs of business locksmith services are much higher than residential ones. This is because commercial buildings’ doors, windows, and security systems are often harder to work on. 

A commercial locksmith fixes a business's door

How Often Do You Need Commercial Locksmith Services? 

Businesses need their locks changed every one to two years, on average. However, how often you should change your business’s locks depends on location, property and product value, and employee turnover rates. If your business rests in a high-crime area, you may need to change your locks more often. Additionally, you should change your locks every time a keyholder leaves your business. Just because an employee returns a key doesn’t mean they haven’t copied it. 

This time frame doesn’t include emergencies like break-ins and lock malfunctions. Naturally, your business may need commercial locksmith services more than once a year. That being said, one to two years is a reasonable time frame for routine maintenance and replacements. 

Qualities of a Good Commercial Locksmith 

So you’re ready to hire a commercial locksmith? Great! Here are some things to consider when hiring a commercial locksmith:

How Long Have They Been in Business? 

Ideally, you want a commercial locksmith who has been in business a long time. The more experienced they are, the better they should be able to serve you. Check how many years of experience a  locksmith has when considering whether or not to use their services. 

What Kind of Qualifications Do They Have? 

Ask for copies of certifications and evidence of training when hiring a locksmith. Legitimate locksmiths should have proof they know what they’re doing. If not, they’re probably not qualified. Some states have licensing requirements, so it’s important to research what you should expect of your commercial locksmith depending on where you live. 

Do They Have Good Reviews? 

In the internet age, you rarely have to wonder how good a business’s services are. You can find out by hopping on Google, Yelp, or other reputable websites to find out about other people’s experiences with a specific business. It’s always worth browsing through customer reviews when deciding on a commercial locksmith. Heeding others’ opinions can save you from frustration and wasted money. 

Will They Take Emergencies Seriously? 

A good commercial locksmith will prioritize your business during an emergency. You want someone who rushes out ASAP if your business place is left vulnerable by a broken lock or security system. Asking commercial locksmiths about their emergency response approach gives you helpful data when determining who to hire. Go with the one who ensures a timely response in case of an emergency. 

Do They Have Insurance? 

Professionals make mistakes too. It’s unfortunate but true. If your commercial locksmith has insurance, they’re covered if they cause damage to your business place. That means you’re covered as well. You can ask your commercial locksmith for a copy of any proof of insurance they provide. 

We Provide Comprehensive Commercial Locksmith Services!

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