The most tried and true way to keep your car safe is to ensure it has a reliable alarm system. Two types of alarm systems exist for your car: an active and a passive alarm system. An active alarm system involves the driver taking steps to activate it. A passive alarm system, on the other hand, is automatic. For the purposes of this blog, we will answer your query of “What is a passive alarm system?” in the most thorough manner possible. 

What Is A Passive Alarm System? 

When responding to “What is a passive alarm system?” you want to go beyond stating that it’s automatic. Sure, that is the main gist of what a passive alarm system is, but there is so much more that defines them. A passive alarm system is automatic in that you don’t need to take any additional steps to ensure that your car remains safe and secure. Let’s go into further detail about the benefits of a passive alarm system. 

Benefits Of A Passive Alarm System

In order to understand “What is a passive alarm system?” we must show you the benefits of a passive alarm system for your car. These benefits include the following: 

1. You Don’t Need To Memorize A Code

Due to the automatic nature of passive alarm systems, creating and memorizing a code is unnecessary. You won’t need to stress out over thinking of a code that is neither too easy nor too difficult to remember or worry about panicking and forgetting what it is when you need it most. You can keep your car safe without having to remember another code. 

2. Ignition Off, Alarm On 

A passive alarm system is also very easy to activate. The moment you turn off your ignition, your passive alarm system knows to stay extra secure. If your car key ignition uses a chip, then your car won’t even start if it fails to recognize the matching key. A system where the alarm turns on once the ignition is off is very user-friendly for any driver. 

what is a passive alarm system

3. Nearly Every Car Has A Passive Alarm System 

If you drive a car with a key that uses a chip and can lock or unlock your car from a distance, then chances are your car already comes with a passive alarm system. In fact, a passive system is a default for most newly purchased vehicles. All you need to do is ensure your car stays locked when you’re away from it and keep your key on your person at all times. 

Make Your Car Safer By Including An Active Alarm System

Of course, we cannot answer the question of “What is a passive alarm system?” without addressing what a passive alarm system is not. A passive alarm system only provides the necessary measures to keep your vehicle secure when unattended. It does not sound an alarm for anyone nearby to hear if someone tries to operate it with an incorrect key. It also does not keep your car set in one place, even if someone tries to operate it without authorization. 

However, those are both features that can be found in cars with an active alarm system. There are many kinds of active alarm systems available for your car worth considering. If you want additional security alongside your passive system, then you can look into installing one or more active alarm system features into your vehicle too. 

United Locksmith Will Help You Keep Your Car Secure

Next time someone asks you, “What is a passive alarm system?” you will be able to answer that question easily thanks to this blog. Understanding the difference between active and passive alarm systems will also help you know what you can do to enhance your car’s security. Luckily, you can contact us at United Locksmith for all your car safety, and security needs today.