Deciding what is the best is always a complicated process. Whether you’re debating between Coke and Pepsi or Nike and Adidas, there will always be opposing ideas of what should be considered the best. And even when there is a general consensus of what is the best, it might not be best for you. The same applies when selecting the best electronic door locks. To help you choose the best electronic door lock for you, we have compiled a list of some of the highest-quality lock brands.

The Best Electronic Door Lock Brand For You

The amount of electronic door locks available is vast, which is why we would like to limit this list to some of the most trustworthy lock brands out there. Check out which of the following brands have the best electronic door lock for you:


Wyze is an exceptional brand that provides all the benefits of an electronic lock, while still utilizing a key. The Wyze lock unlocks when approaching and locks when leaving. This function comes in handy when carrying groceries or when your hands are preoccupied.

Wyze locks are a reliable and reasonably priced alternative that can be controlled from your phone over WiFi. This lock also has a lengthy battery life, lasting months between battery changes. However, this lock isn’t compatible with some smart home hubs, like Apple HomeKit.


  • Battery Life
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Auto-Lock/Unlock Feature


  • Low compatibility


If you are looking for a keypad lock, you can’t go wrong with Schlage. Their keypad not only gives your home the security it needs to keep your family protected, but they also have the style to make your doors look even better. Schlage locks have various designs and color options available for personalization.

In addition, this lock includes an integrated alarm system that makes home security even simpler. And we can’t forget to mention Schlage’s Z-wave connectivity. With this connectivity, your home’s smart devices are allowed to communicate with your keypad lock.


  • Built-in Alarm
  • Z-Wave Connectivity
  • Customization


  • Lacking Key Options


The final brand we’d like to highlight is Lockly. If you’ve been looking into getting yourself a biometric lock, then this brand is for you. This brand’s biometric locks can store up to 99 fingerprints and has an auto-lock feature that makes remembering to lock the door no problem.

Accessing your home is simple with this lock. In addition to using your finger as a key, you can use their patented PIN Genie touchscreen, which randomly shuffles the location of each PIN number. This feature makes a potential thief less likely to break into your home. You can also use the mobile app to lock and unlock the door and give access to your guests by sending them a passcode whenever they visit.


  • Auto-Lock Feature
  • PIN Genie Touchscreen
  • Fingerprint Storage Capacity


  • No Z-Wave Support

A locksmith performs a lock replacement with a red drill. The Best Electronic Door Lock Brands

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