You may be wondering how to open a locked car door when your keys are inside. Well, there are many different methods you can try to use on your vehicle to open it, but United Locksmith would advise against these methods. The most common methods that are touted as being helpful include:

  • tennis ball
  • shoelace
  • coat hangar
  • inflatable wedge
  • screwdriver

These tools and the articles claiming they teach you how to open a locked car door could assist you. However, using the wrong tools for unlocking a car door can be extremely detrimental to its locks. Simultaneously, you could damage other parts of your vehicle when trying to use one of these methods.

For this reason, you should have a professional locksmith unlock your car door. United Locksmith can assist you whenever you lock yourself out of your car with our 24-hour car lockout services.

Car Lockouts

AAA reports that millions of Americans lock themselves out of their car every year. One of our most used services at United Locksmith is our car lockout services. These services provide assistance to those who have locked themselves out of their car and need assistance getting back inside. With millions of people doing it every year, there is no wonder why our team responds to so many calls.

How to open a locked car door for keys locked inside

We understand the stressors of getting locked out, which is why you may be wondering how to open a locked car door on your own. Our technicians understand you may want to save money and time by knowing the secret methods of unlocking your car door. Like we have already mentioned, these methods should not be used by you or on your vehicle.

Problematic Methods on How to Open a Locked Car Door

The methods we listed above are problematic because they can damage your car door and the lock, especially if used in the wrong way. You also should avoid breaking a window to gain access to your car. This method puts your safety and health at risk while also costing you a lot of money. Replacing car windows is not cheap and will cost you more than a professional locksmith.

Of course, the other methods may also end up costing you more money. Coat hangars and screwdrivers can damage the interworking of the car door. As a result, your car door may lose the function to lock, allowing anyone to enter your vehicle while you are away.

Do not break a window to know how to open a locked car door

Benefits of Hiring a Locksmith

As you can see, these methods put you at risk and could cost you hundreds of dollars. That is why a professional locksmith like United Locksmith is the best option. A professional locksmith can unlock your car door without damaging the lock mechanism or any other part of your vehicle. They used industry-trusted tools and have the experience to unlock your car door without an issue.

Additionally, many locksmiths are mobile, allowing you to stay where you are and wait for their arrival. This helps you save money without having to take a Lyft or Uber to a locksmith shop.

Contact United Locksmith

United Locksmith can be the professional locksmith you rely on when you get locked out of your car. All of our Houston locksmiths are mobile, allowing them to drive to your location when you need it. We are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so give us a call whenever you need us.

Call United Locksmith today at (832) 529-1014. You may also visit our emergency locksmith service page to learn more about what we can do for your 24/7. We service most makes and models, so don’t be worried about our team being unable to help you. We can provide you with an estimate over the phone and reach your location soon after. Give us a call now for car lockout service in Houston, TX.