Car key programming is an important service United Locksmith offers because so many more keys need programming. Modern makes and models require a type of programming because of the technology inside of them. Technicians at United Locksmith are capable of performing the car key programming services you need.

There are many different reasons to need car key programming services, which we will get into. There are also some types of keys that don’t need to be reprogrammed. This blog will go through the types of keys that need reprogramming services and common problems associated with them. If you are ever in need of car key programming services, give us a call today!

What is car key programming?

Car key programming is the process of matching the key to the receiver or antennas of your vehicle. Modern vehicles use chips or transponders that correspond with the vehicle. If the key code doesn’t match the receiver, then the ignition lock will not be removed. Keys that use this technology include the following:

  • Transponder keys
  • Chip keys
  • Switchblade keys
  • Fobs
  • Remote head keys

Smart keys use similar technology, but it works a little differently. In smart keys, the vehicle has antennas all over the interior the vehicle. Those antennas are designed to detect the smart key and react. When the key comes into the proximity of the vehicle, the doors will unlock. Vehicles with smart keys often use a push starter rather than a standard key. Once the key is inside the cabin, the vehicle allows the driver to start the vehicle.

For all the other keys, the key holds a code sent to a receiver in the car. When the key enters the ignition, the key sends the code, and it must match. If it matches, it will remove the ignition lock, and the key can turn.

car key programming fob

When Do You Need Car Key Programming

Car key programming is not always necessary for your modern car key. In some cases, its battery needs replaced. A small battery can be found in your smart key. The battery is used to send the code to the receiver. Once that battery dies, your ignition will not turn. A United Locksmith technician can help you replace that battery with ease, but it does not require car key programming.

So what does prompt a car key programming?

Well, the most common cause of programming a car key is duplicating a key. Duplicating a key takes more time in today’s age because of the programming. Your key’s codes need to match those of the receiver, and it can be difficult to obtain those. This must also be done when you lose your keys. To create a new key, the locksmith must identify the necessary codes.

Another cause of car key programming is because the key was damaged. It may have been crushed or severely damaged. In that case, United Locksmith can assist you. All of our technicians are trained in the latest vehicle technologies. This means they can assist you in the car key programming services you need. We work with all car keys types, so don’t worry about the type of car you have.

Call United Locksmith for Car Key Programming

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