It seems everything is smart these days. Your watch, computer, and phone are all “smart.” And now, even your locks can be smart! Technology is continuously advancing, but here’s the problem: so are criminals. Smart technology—despite being innovative and useful–-may also come with security risks from cyber criminals. Because a lot of technology has proved vulnerable to malicious individuals, it has made people feel wary about smart locks. Though they have been in use for a long time, many homeowners still wonder, “Are smart locks safe?” If you’re one of the individuals who are still not sure whether smart locks are a secure option to protect a home, check out our blog on the topic! 

What Is a Smart Lock, Exactly? 

First off, let’s define exactly what a smart lock is. A smart lock is either operated by wi-fi (the internet) or is battery-powered, and many of them have cameras. Smart locks that require an internet connection often work alongside an app on your phone. If you get an internet-based smart lock, you can log into your app to monitor your property, even if you are across the country. You will also be able to operate your lock from anywhere, locking or unlocking it from the couch or while you are out running errands. 

Benefits of Smart Locks

If you’re thinking about purchasing a smart lock but are feeling apprehensive about the security level they offer, there is good news. These locks come with a wide variety of benefits. Among them are: 

A homeowner who uses a smart lock because she got an answer to the question, "Are smart locks safe?"

1. Less Vulnerable to Common Burglary Tactics

Traditional lock hardware is often easily manipulated by criminals. Old locks, especially, are vulnerable to common burglary techniques such as bumping and picking. While many companies advertise their locks as bump-proof or tamper-proof, this simply isn’t true. But smart technology does not use traditional hardware. That means that smart locks are not vulnerable to bumping and picking. 

2. You Don’t Have to Worry About Keys

Keys are difficult to keep track of. It seems like of all items, keys are the easiest to lose. Usually, in a last-minute scramble to get out of the door, keys are the item that holds you up. And when you place them in a purse or bag, they have a horrible habit of disappearing among all of your other items. But if you have a smart lock, you won’t need to keep track of keys any longer! That makes them more convenient. 

3. You Can Get Notifications About Security Breaches

Your smart lock is capable of communicating with you during a potential emergency in the form of security notifications. If someone unlocks your door while you’re away or opens the door, then your smart lock will tell you. This means you can call the police for assistance, even while you are away. 

So, What’s the Bottom Line? Are Smart Locks Safe? 

Okay, those benefits are sounding pretty good, right? But we haven’t come outright and answered your question, “Are smart locks safe?” The answer is yes. Typically, there are no real differences in the security level when you compare traditional and smart locks. It all comes down to which you prefer because each has pros and cons. 

We Install Smart Locks! 

Do you feel satisfied after we answered your doubts about smart locks? We hope we have been able to alleviate the fears of those who wonder, “Are smart locks safe?” There’s no reason that you shouldn’t feel comfortable installing one in your home if you are so inclined. If you are ready to replace the lock on your home, reach out to our team. United Locksmith is here for all of your smart lock installation needs. Contact us today for assistance!