Your business is one of your greatest assets. Potentially, it’s also your only source of income, meaning your livelihood depends on it functioning smoothly. Considering how much you rely on your business to pay your bills, fuel your hobbies, and so forth, it’s important to keep it safe from intruders. Not only is this essential to prevent loss and rising insurance costs, but it’s also essential to protecting your employees, especially when they’re working overtime or after hours. One of the best ways to keep your commercial property and employees safe is by purchasing reliable, high-quality locks. Here is a guide to commercial door locks

1. Mortise Locks 

Does your business experience a lot of foot traffic? If so, a mortise lock might be right for you. These locks require special installation, as they fit into a pocket carved out of the edge of your commercial door. These locks are extra durable, which is why they are excellent for high-traffic companies like retail stores. This lock’s mechanics are stored in an extra layer of metal, which makes them more resistant to forced entry. If you’re worried about burglaries, these locks should provide enough challenge to deter would-be thieves. Burglars rely on speed, and they won’t spend more than a few minutes trying to break into a single location. 

2. Electric Strike Locks 

If you’re someone who values more techy options, you could consider an electric strike plate lock. Electric strike plate locks are used in conjunction with other mechanisms such as panic bars, and they fit onto the inside of your door frame. These locks have a button, keypad, or card reader that they use to open, which makes them a good option for high-security areas. For instance, you could consider this type of physical access control system to protect the managers’ office with all of its important administrative documents, plus the company’s safe. 

3. Commercial Panic Bar 

Panic bars are sometimes required for safety in high-capacity buildings like colleges or labs. That’s because they are easy to open from the inside in case of an emergency. These horizontal bars depress when pushed, releasing the locking mechanism. They are durable and last a long time, though you should maintain them regularly to make sure your emergency exits are always ready for a quick exit. 

A commercial door lock with the keys hanging from it

4. Cylindrical Locks 

A cylindrical lock goes through all the way through your door. You then move the lock with a knob or lever from either side. They’re easy to install, and they come in a wide variety of styles. That means that you’ll be able to match your lock with the existing aesthetic of your door. 

5. Keypad Door Locks 

Keypad locks are used in low-traffic areas that require access control. They protect areas where only a few people should have access, such as managers and high-level employees. For instance, if you keep a commercial vault or sensitive documents in a back room, you can protect it with a keypad. Only those who know the card can get in. These door locks are pricier than traditional options, but they’re worth it! 

We Can Help With Commercial Locksmith Needs! 

You have a lot to worry about already when you’re running a business, such as finances, hiring employees, and making sure managers get the training they need. Worrying about the safety and security of the business is the last thing you want to do. Thankfully, you don’t need to concern yourself with commercial locksmith solutions. Our reliable team at United Locksmith is here to help you with all of your security solutions, from installing access control systems to rekeying locks. Contact us today for professional assistance!