Sometimes, you find yourself locked out of a room or unable to access essential information or items kept in a safe. In these cases, you might be short on time and resources to seek help and need to rely on your own wits to gain access. Luckily, you don’t have to wallow in defeat. Instead, you can take advantage of the many lock bypass techniques at your disposal. In order to avoid finding yourself in this sticky situation again, take the time to read about some of the most user-friendly lock bypass techniques.

1. Lock Picking

The most well-known means of bypassing a lock is by lock picking. This involves using either a picking tool or another item to manipulate the pins inside the lock. If you don’t have a lock-picking kit or tool at your disposal, you can create a makeshift lockpick using paper clips, bobby pins, putty knives, or even bra wire. However, we recommend purchasing an actual tool as that will be less likely to damage your lock.

2. Shimming

Shimming is a lock bypass technique that works best with older padlocks that lack a protective lip on the core. To shim a lock, you need to place the shim tools between the shackle and the lock’s body to move around and disengage the lock. Formal shims are available, and one can also make one’s own shimming tool from parts of a soda can. If you want to become adept in lock shimming, make a point to practice first so that you can easily do it when the time comes to apply this skill in real life.

3. Decoding

Decoding is another one of the most common lock bypass techniques. This method is most applicable for combination locks and safes that use manual codes. You simply try to determine the lock’s correct code by testing the lock for the resistance points or the parts of the dial that are hardest to rotate. You can also use a decoder tool. Either way, this method will save you all the time you would otherwise spend testing an exhaustive list of every possible combination.

4. Bumping

Bump keys are used to “bump” the lock’s pins into the necessary position for unlocking. This tool is notably effective with traditional cylinder locks. It also helps to have a hammer to gently tap the lock so the pins move as desired. It should also be noted that this is one of the more common methods used by burglars to break into homes, so it’s also worth considering how you can bump-proof your locks if necessary.

5. Impressioning

Impressioning is an approach that requires lots of patience as it doesn’t guarantee the instant results of picking a lock. This lock bypass process involves having access to a blank key that you can put inside a lock. You then take the time to turn the key so that the pins leave marks that indicate the appropriate way in which the key should then be cut. In a way, you’ll be teaching yourself a DIY approach to key-cutting.

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Having these lock bypass techniques under your belt can definitely help you get out of a jam. However, if you want to avoid any lasting damage to your locks or you don’t have the means to use any of these tricks yourself, you can rely on our expert locksmiths at United Locksmith, right here in Houston, Texas. Whether it’s late on a weekend night or early in the morning before you take the kids to school, we will be there to help you regain the access you need with our emergency locksmith services, so contact us today.