Your business, whether a store or a restaurant, should feel like a safe place for yourself, your employees, and your customers. You want them to know that you are doing what you can to ensure that they will be taken care of while they patronize your business. You also want your employees to have that same peace of mind. 

Finally, you want to know for sure that your place of work is safe even when you aren’t there to manage it. This safety can be ensured by using a biometric lock system for your business. However, which biometric lock system should you use? Keep reading to learn about five of the most commonly used biometric systems for commercial purposes. 

5 Biometric Lock Systems For Businesses 

If you’re planning on giving your commercial property a security upgrade, a biometric lock system will do the trick. Check out these five options for your business’s biometric security system. 

1. Fingerprint Scanner

If you’ve traveled through airport security or watched an action film, you’re probably familiar with the fingerprint scanner. All you do is press your finger (usually your pointer or thumb), and the scanner will use that data to verify your identity. In fact, you might already be using a fingerprint scanner to access your smartphone. This biometric lock system can range from affordable to expensive, so be thorough when researching which fingerprint scanner makes the most sense for your business. 

biometric lock fingerprint

2. Iris Scanner

Another biometric tool to beef up your business’s security is an iris scanner. This device uses your iris as your identifying feature to determine whether or not you are authorized to access a location. This type of biometric lock is more expensive than most fingerprint scanners, so take time to consider whether this lock is a worthwhile security investment. 

biometric lock iris

3. Facial Recognition 

Facial recognition is another means of biometrically securing your business. The faces of you and your employees are scanned and entered into the system so the facial recognition scanner can identify who to let inside. If you want to go a step beyond fingerprint and iris recognition, consider installing a facial recognition scanner for your business’s biometric lock system. 

biometric lock face

4. Voice Recognition 

One of the more advanced biometric lock systems utilizes voice recognition technology. This technology involves using either text-independent or text-dependent authentication. Text-dependent voice recognition requires giving a prerecorded sample of someone reading a piece of text that they then read again to gain access. The system matches the recordings to verify that person’s identity. On the other hand, text-independent voice recognition does not require this measure, and someone can speak freely, making this type of system more advanced. 

5. Palm Vein Recognition 

Finally, palm vein recognition is a more recent development in biometric lock systems for businesses. This scans your hand for vein patterns in the palm of your hand and was initially used in healthcare. However, Amazon has now been distributing this kind of biometric lock system for commercial use, such as at Panera Bread locations, as a means of payment in addition to authentication. 

Improve Your Commercial Security With United Locksmith!

Hopefully, these five biometric lock systems will help you think about different ways to improve the security of your place of business. Whatever lock system you choose, you’ll need to find a trustworthy locksmith to install it and ensure it’s in good working order. If you live in Houston, Texas, the best locksmith service to reach out to is United Locksmith. Our locksmiths bring years of knowledge and experience that will ensure your commercial property stays safe. Contact us today and start improving the safety of your workplace.