If you take home security seriously, you probably put a lot of thought into your locks. When you come back home or leave your property, you always make sure these mechanisms are locked. You make sure to get proper maintenance and repairs when necessary. Or perhaps you’re the opposite, and you’ve never thought much about your locks. If that’s the case, we advise you to take more notice of these security measures, as they are essential for protecting your home. Learn the importance of locks and what the best door lock brands are in this blog! 

Why Are Locks Important? 

Locks are your home’s first—and sometimes only—defense against burglars and other intruders. No matter where you live, theft, vandalism, and many other crimes are still a threat. No area is immune from crime, unfortunately. And not all locks are created equal. If you have outdated or cheap locks, you are bound to be targeted by an intruder eventually, as these “security” measures signal that your home is vulnerable. So if you’re in the market for new locks, it’s time to examine the best lock brands. 

6 Top Lock Brands 

Because your home is such an important possession, you must invest in strong locks to upgrade security. These are the six best lock brands: 

1. Schlage

You can’t walk into a hardware store without seeing at least one Schlage lock. This brand is popular among all retailers, and for good reason. Schlage locks are highly secure, meaning they do not make easy targets for criminals. If someone attempts to tamper with a lock from this brand, they are likely to give up. Naturally, no lock is completely tamper-proof, but Schlage’s products do come close. 

Homeowners everywhere trust Schlage. Retailers wouldn’t carry their locks if they didn’t sell, and they do. So if you’re looking for an excellent lock brand, choose Schlage! Of course, their locks are pricier than other options, but the extra cost is worth the safety and security that accompany them. 

2. Kwikset 

Kwikset is another popular and reliable lock brand. This is one of the top-selling lock manufacturers available, trusted by business owners and homeowners alike. Kwikset sells a wide variety of locks, including both smart and traditional options. Though their locks are not as high quality as Schlage’s options, this is still a reliable manufacturer that will be able to keep your home safe from criminals. Plus, their locks are more affordable than Schlage’s. 

3. Yale

Yale is another excellent choice when it comes to choosing a lock brand. This company is credited with inventing the modern pin-tumbler lock design that is used by many brands today. Many other brands have designed locks based on Yale’s products because of their quality. And when it comes to experience, Yale has many brands beat. They have been in business for more than 180 years! That’s almost two full centuries. If you’re looking for high-security, reliable locks for your residence, you can’t go wrong with Yale.

A locksmith installs one of the best lock brands for a homeowner

4. Baldwin 

Baldwin is another reliable lock brand that can help you guard your home against intruders. This brand is well-known for its variety of styles. No matter what your exterior design needs are, Baldwin likely offers a lock that suits them. Baldwin locks are attractive, versatile, and highly secure. 

5. Medeco 

Medeco locks are among the most durable and tamper-proof locks out there. This brand has developed a reputation for high security and reliability. If you’re looking for a strong lock that is not vulnerable to techniques such as lock picking, bumping, and breaking, then Medeco may be the brand for you. While no lock is completely resistant to tampering, Medeco’s products come as close as possible. 

6. Mul-T-Lock 

Mul-T-Lock’s logo—a key with the biceps and head of a bodybuilder—says it all. This is one of the strongest lock brands out there. Whether you need to secure your home or business, Mul-T-Lock will offer premium protection. 

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