Are you a business owner? More importantly, are you a business owner that runs a company with high-security needs? If so, you probably know how hard it is to keep track of all of the keys you need to access various rooms. You have one key for your file room, another for your office, and another for rooms where you store items like merchandise or other valuables. Depending on how large your business and building are, you may need even more keys than that!

Before you know it, you have a ring with twenty keys on it that is too bulky to carry comfortably and makes a horrific jangling noise every time you have it with you. If this sounds like you, stop carrying that heavy key ring. It’s impractical. Instead, adopt a master key system! Learn all about master key systems in our informative blog. 

What Is a Master Key System? 

A master key is simple in concept. Basically, a master key is used to open multiple doors. Thus, instead of having to carry 20 keys for 20 doors, you would carry one key for 20 doors. That means the higher-ups in the company can have access to master keys that open every door. But the best part about master key systems is that it is possible to restrict access while still allowing your lower-level employees into the rooms they need to enter. Certain keys in a master system may only open one or a few doors rather than all 20. That means your secretary could access one room of files but not another. Or your janitor could have access to the locked closet of cleaning supplies but not to any security information. And all of these keys are part of one intricate system! 

How Do Master Key Systems Work? 

Master key systems are hard to explain unless you have an intricate working knowledge of locksmithing. However, we can offer a basic explanation. When you choose a master key system, a locksmith will create a blueprint or schematic. The blueprint or schematic contains designs of cylinders and keys, allowing the locksmith to create a system that allows for multiple sets of keys to open one lock. It takes a lot of adjustments and time to work and rework the plans for a master key system. However, a skilled locksmith can always develop a secure finished project at the end. 

Keys to one of the master key systems in a company that are being handed over to an employee

How Secure Are Master Key Systems? 

Master key systems are highly secure. However, they are the most secure when there are only a few levels of keys. It is better to have two or three levels of master keys rather than 10. If you have a different level for every employee in your company, then you are going to run into more security issues. Additionally, most locks are vulnerable to bumping and picking. No lock is 100% tamper resistant. However, if you choose a reputable locksmith who uses quality materials and designs, you should not run into any problems with your master key system. 

Costs of Master Key Systems 

It is difficult to give an exact estimate for a master key system. How much a system costs depends on your location, the number of locks you need to be installed, the intricacy of your system, and much more. Master key system installation could cost as little as $25 to $35 per lock. That being said, prices could easily rise past that depending on your needs. If you reach out to a local locksmith, they can give you a free estimate of how much your project will cost. 

Alternatives to Master Key Systems

Maybe you don’t want to carry a ring of keys but you also don’t want a master key system. What are the alternatives? If you want a secure way to protect your company without the need for physical keys, access control may be another option. Access control systems use a keypad or biometric information like fingerprint and iris scans to allow people into restricted areas. No keys are required if you choose the right system. While access control can be pricey, it is well worth the cost for security and convenience. 

Get Your Commercial Security Needs Met With United Locksmith! 

Keeping your business safe isn’t easy. But master key systems and access control can help secure your business against unauthorized access. If you are interested in either of these security methods, you can rely on United Locksmith for assistance. Contact our experts today for assistance with commercial locksmith services!