Door locks are a more mundane part of the home, and you probably don’t give them much thought. After all, they’re just there. They’ve always been there. You lock up when you leave or come home, but you think about the action, not the object that allows you to perform it. Well, it’s time to start thinking more about door locks. While the subject of door locks might not be particularly exciting, it’s an important one nonetheless. 

The Importance of Good Door Locks 

More than half of burglaries occur in residential areas, and 34% of those burglars enter through the front door. Another 22% break-in through the back door. Considering doors are a common entryway for thieves, it’s important to invest in safe, effective locks. You don’t want to become part of a burglary statistic. 

How Much are Entry Door Locks? 

For basic door locks such as entry knobs and levers, you can expect costs to run between $15 and $50 per lock. The costs are much higher for smart locks. Smart locks cost between $100 to $300 per lock. Those price ranges do not include locksmith fees. 

A man wearing a gold watch opens an entry door lock

Trusted Door Lock Brands

Are you thinking of purchasing new door locks? You’ll want products from trusted brands. Here are six reliable door lock brands: 


Schlage locks are well-known, and you can find them in nearly any hardware store. Their ubiquitousness speaks for the brand’s quality: The level of popularity Schlage locks enjoy indicates a large percentage of the population trusts them. They are known to be durable and difficult to tamper with, though they are pricier than other options such as Kwikset. 


Kwikset is a top-selling brand with a good reputation. Their locks are affordable, sturdy, and come in various styles. This brand sells both standard locks and smart locks. 


Yale invented the pin tumbler lock system, which many other brands use in their products. Considering the precedent this brand set, it’s safe to say Yale locks are a great choice for any homeowner. Yales products vary from standard lock and key systems to advanced digital locks. 


Is safety your top priority? Then Medeco may be the choice for you. Medeco locks are well-known for being virtually impossible to pick. Though these locks are more expensive than many competitors’, you’re paying for top-of-the-line security. 


Corbin/Russwin locks are sturdy and easy to install. They are a great, no-fuss door lock choice. They hold up well under heavy use. 


If looks are important to you, a Baldwin lock may be an appropriate choice. Baldwin locks are known for their appealing design and secure system. This brand has married looks with functionality. 

3 Entry Door Lock Choices 

Entry Doorknob Lock

A doorknob lock offers mid-level security. Most door knobs work with a simple system. A turning mechanism allows you to lock the door from the inside, and you use a key to lock it from the outside. Because these locks aren’t the most secure, you should pair them with a deadbolt for extra security. 

Entry Door Lever Lock 

Lever locks, like door knobs, offer mid-level security and are best paired with a deadbolt for added safety. However, they do have one advantage over door knob locks: They’re easier to use. You can press down on them with your arms if your hands are full, and they require less hand-wrist movements than a knob, making them ideal for older and differently-abled individuals. 

Smart Lock 

Smart locks operate by using an app, voice assistant, or keypad. That means they operate without a physical key, unlike standard locks. Other cool features include two-way intercoms, cameras, and built-in alarms. They are a good choice for those who want a techy, unique lock option. 

We Can Install Your Door Locks! 

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