Sliding glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home. They are perfect for observing nature from safely inside. Falling snow, thunderstorms, and pirouetting fall leaves are all beautiful forces of nature you can catch glimpses of while staying warm and cozy on a couch or wrapped up in a blanket. On summer days, you can watch your children playing in the yard as well as wildflowers bobbing in the breeze. Whether you realize it or not, you have probably created a lot of memories while staring through your sliding glass doors. 

But did you know that sliding doors—while wonderful for creating memories and looking outside—are a big security hazard? After all, you can see outside, and that means that potential intruders can see inside. That gives them a chance to scope out what possessions you have in your home. Additionally, sliding doors are more vulnerable to break-ins compared to other entry doors. If you haven’t already, then it’s time to up the security of your sliding glass doors. Here are three tips for sliding door security

1. Purchase and Install Security Film 

Sliding doors have large amounts of unprotected glass. That means burglars often opt for breaking the glass rather than tampering with the lock. Thankfully, you can reinforce your glass to make it harder for burglars to do so. Security film comes in a roll, and you can cut it yourself, then apply it to the glass. (It has an adhesive on the back.) When you apply security film, it significantly enhances sliding door security. Now, it will be harder to break the glass. And even if it does break, it won’t shatter inward, meaning a burglar still has an obstacle in the way. 

A sliding glass door that needs sliding glass door security

2. Invest in a Security System

Did you know that 80% of property criminals check for a security system before breaking into a home? Of that 80%, 60% would choose a different target upon discovery of a security system. Thus, even if you feel like you live in a safe area, you may still want to consider purchasing a security system to protect yourself and your family. They are wonderful deterrents against would-be thieves. Some popular security companies are: 

  • Vivint 
  • ADT
  • Cove 
  • Ring
  • SimpliSafe
  • Abode
  • Brinks

Even if you want an inexpensive security system, you can still find great options. Companies like SimpliSafe do not require a long-term contract or commitment. Instead, you can purchase a set of window sensors and cameras. Having an alarm and a camera is more than enough to make a burglar think twice before entering through your sliding door. 

3. Invest in a Security Bar Or Strong Lock

One of the reasons sliding doors are not secure is that it is easy for burglars to pop them off their tracks. And unfortunately, putting something like a piece of wood against the door is not enough to prevent a break-in. A burglar could easily use a crowbar to lift your door over the obstacle you’ve placed in the track. Instead of placing something directly on the track, it is better to purchase a security bar. Security bars go midway between your garage door and the floor, and they are a much better option. 

You can also purchase a strong lock to increase sliding door security. There are many affordable options out there that will help protect your home against burglars, many of them made of steel and crafted to withstand tampering. When you combine these locks with a security bar, you reduce your chances of burglary. 

We Can Help With Sliding Door Security! 

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