Security is a top concern for most property owners. Whether you own a business or a home, you want to ensure that no one can get access who doesn’t belong there. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are ready to take care advantage of any breaches in security. We live in a world where criminals take what doesn’t belong to them, causing a lot of stress for honest people. Thus, if you own a home or business, you should take security seriously if you don’t already. If not, you may find yourself dealing with a break-in. 

Don’t put yourself and your property at risk. Always be on top of property security techniques and ask for professional help as often as needed. One way you can protect your property is by rekeying your locks. Learn whether you should rekey your locks, as well as other security measures you can take to protect your home or business, in our blog! 

How Does a Locksmith Rekey Locks? 

Your lock is an intricate mechanism. Inside, it contains parts called pins and tumblers. These pins and tumblers have been arranged to work with a specific key. When you insert your key, it depresses the pins or tumblers into the correct pattern, allowing you to lock or unlock it. Locksmiths rekey locks by replacing a number of the pins or tumblers. This change in the pattern means you will then need a new key. 

Why Bother Rekeying Locks? 

Rekeying locks is an essential way to protect your home or business from theft. However, it is more common for commercial buildings. That is because of high turnover rates. Think about it. Every time a keyholder leaves a company, there is always a chance that he or she made a copy of a key without permission. The chances of this are high if a keyholder left on bad terms or had a past history of being dishonest. 

Because companies experience high turnover rates, locksmiths suggest businesses rekey every one or two years. This prevents past employees from breaking and entering. Additionally, it can help strengthen and reinforce your locks against burglaries. 

However, homeowners can also benefit from rekeying as well. There are certain circumstances where it might be important to rekey your home’s locks. For instance, if you have lost your key or had it stolen, rekeying is appropriate. Additionally, if you have recently kicked out a tenant or partner who had access to a key, you can rekey in that situation as well. 

The locks of a homeowner who wants to rekey locks

Costs of Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is not costly. Typically, you can expect to pay between $30 and $60 per lock. You may also have to pay a fee for a locksmith to travel to your location for the rekeying services. The fee will usually be between $50 and $100. It depends on the locksmith. 

What Can I Do Instead of Asking a Locksmith to Rekey Locks? 

Lock replacement is the other alternative to lock rekeying. However, lock replacement is not necessarily better than rekeying. Rekeying is inexpensive because you’re only paying for labor rather than hardware. When you get a lock replacement, you have to pay for both new hardware and labor. 

However, sometimes lock replacement is more appropriate than lock rekeying. If your locks are old and outdated, then it is better to stick with replacement. This is especially true if you own a business. Businesses need to replace their locks more frequently to prevent security breaches. However, in many cases, you can rekey instead. You can consult a locksmith about which option would be better once you describe your situation. 

We Rekey Locks! 

If you’re looking for a reliable professional to rekey locks, our team is here for you. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we provide quality work with every project. Our standards for ourselves often far exceed those of our customers, and we invest heavily in training and education for all of our employees. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial and residential lock rekeying services!