Many people do not realize how common property crimes are. Unfortunately, they are not a rarity. More than one million burglaries happen in the United States each year, according to the FBI. In fact, two burglaries happen every minute. And that’s just burglaries! There are people out there who will not hesitate to harm or steal your property given the chance. That’s why it’s important to learn how to prevent property crimes. Check out these 5 tips on how to prevent property crimes: 

1. Update Your Locks

One thing that attracts burglars and other criminals to properties is outdated locks. That’s because they are easier to pick, bump, or break. An outdated lock essentially announces to property criminals that your home is an easy target. Thus, if your locks are old, take the time to get them changed by a professional. There are many high-security options out there, such as smart locks, that are not vulnerable to common techniques used by property criminals trying to gain access to your home. 

2. Install a DIY Security System 

Security systems are an excellent way to protect your home. Property criminals count on getting in and out of their targets quickly without being seen or heard. Thus, installing cameras, alarms, and other DIY security measures is a great way to deter these intruders from entering your property. Many companies such as SimpliSafe, Wyze, and Cove offer affordable security packages that do not require professional assistance for installation. 

3. Do Not Hide Spare Keys

Hiding spare keys around your property gives vandals, burglars, and other property criminals easy access to your entire home. You may think you’ve chosen clever places for your spare keys, such as inside your flower pot, on top of your door frame, or in a fake rock. But we have bad news. Criminals will check all of those places and many other less obvious ones. 

Remember, these individuals spend their lives committing misdemeanors and felonies. They are experienced, and they get familiar with their victims’ habits and behaviors. Do yourself a favor and do not hide spare keys around your property! It’s better to have to call a locksmith if you lose access to your property rather than dealing with expensive property damage or theft. 

A burglar breaks into the home of someone who needs to learn how to prevent property crimes.

4. Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood watch programs are an excellent way to deter criminals. As we mentioned before, criminals rely on not being seen. That means they are unlikely to take risks by entering a property if they know there is a high likelihood of them being watched. When neighbors come together to look out for each other and advertise it, it is proven that there is a lower likelihood of crime in that area. If you don’t have a neighborhood watch in your area, consider organizing one. Just remember to use caution when selecting people to join.

5. Keep Everything Locked 

This might seem so obvious that you scoff. You might be thinking, “Of course I keep my doors locked!” But do you use as much caution as you should? Even if you’re stepping out for a short walk around the block or to do some work in the backyard, you need to lock your doors. Don’t give criminals a single opportunity to enter your property! And remember, do not keep your windows open at night, no matter how hot it is. Keep your windows closed and locked. The same thing applies to your vehicle, shed, and garage. 

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We hope our advice on how to prevent property crimes has been useful to you. We want our neighbors in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas to feel safe and secure in their properties. You can rely on us for expert locksmith services, such as lock repair, lock replacement, and much more to keep criminals away. Contact us today for assistance!