Being able to move from one part of your workplace to another with ease is a common expectation that has been reinforced with the use of commercial keyless entry systems. Instead of scrambling through your keys or worrying about losing track of one, you have an alternative, more convenient way of traveling throughout a commercial property. But what qualities define commercial keyless entry systems, and what varieties are available? In this blog, you will learn the answers to these questions and develop an appreciation for this advanced form of security technology.

Defining Qualities of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

No two commercial keyless entry systems are exactly alike, but they all share defining qualities that make them an attractive choice for commercial property managers. The following perks are easily found across all kinds of keyless entry systems:

Alternative Means Of Access

The main hallmark of commercial keyless entry systems is that they are tailored to provide an alternative means of access. Instead of a traditionally cut key, you have a multitude of options for granting entry to visitors, employees, and others. These can take the form of a keycard, a fob, an app on your phone, or even a fingerprint. These options will be explored in greater detail later, but duplicating these credentials will always be more challenging than with a regular key.

Entry Management And Monitoring

Many commercial keyless entry systems have remote management and monitoring features. For example, the technology of some commercial keyless entry systems allows for the generation of reports that detail who accessed a certain area at what time. Some also allow you to control who can access certain areas within your commercial property.

Integrative Capabilities

Finally, most commercial keyless entry system technology can be integrated with existing security measures. For instance, the record of who used keyless entry to access a place can be corroborated with the use of security cameras. You will learn more about the extent to which this integration is possible when you learn about smart lock entry systems.

Types Of Commercial Keyless Entry Systems

Now that you’re aware of the defining qualities of commercial keyless entry systems, it’s time to explore the three major types on the market.

Alternative Credentials

Many keyless entry systems, both residential and commercial, use alternative credentials. These credentials often take the form of a fob, keypad, or electromagnetic card. Hotels and banks are probably the first two places you think of that use these items.

commercial keyless entry systems

Smart Locks

Smart locks take commercial keyless entry systems to the next level. All you need is a corresponding app for the system as well as a strong WiFi or Bluetooth connection. The app will allow you to easily track who moves through your commercial space and maybe even connect to cameras.

Biometric Access Control

Finally, the most advanced form of commercial keyless entry utilizes biometric access. Biometrics refers to the use of a physical trait to gain access to places, such as a fingerprint or your face. These measures are most commonly used in airports and high-security areas.

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